See how this entrepreneur has been through a turbulent journey but has come out on top.

Paul Rhodes is the founder of Green Gorilla Apps, a mobile development CDA based in West Midlands in the UK. After having a previous business that failed Paul has learnt many business lessons and is now doing tremendously well with his new business.


“You can’t get being you wrong”. Richard Wilkins

In business, and in my personal life this is my mantra. Stay true to you.

The story so far

My downfall in my first company was trying to run before I would walk. And trying to spin all the plates but I quickly learnt that if I went to work on one part of the business the rest was neglected.

In the beginning

I found Infusionsoft ticked boxes where others were lacking. The Infusionsoft user groups were so valuable and also I get tonnes of marketing ideas by being a member of my local Entrepreneur’s Circle.

A-ha Moment

I had a moment where I realised I can read through an article and see the targeted campaign behind it! That makes me realise how much I’ve learnt. Now I can see how I can take a really simple process and automate it within the business, we now have a trigger that when a project completes they are put into a testimonial gathering process. Then we get genuinely honest feedback which is great.

Proud Moment

Mine isn’t an achievement as such, it’s more that I love that I have the opportunity to go out and speak to people, to other Entrepreneurs, about my journey, my experiences. I feel proud and privileged that I can do that.

Future Vision

We are probably only doing 1% of what we can do with Infusionsoft so far. We need to create a campaign for each of our individual products like Loggable, so that after a person signs up they enter a series of emails offering help, advice and tips and tricks to really educate people.


If you’re not achieving your goals, they are probably not the right goals. Don’t lose your why in business – always have a goal.

Entrepreneur Habits

When I go to bed at night I think of all the achievements of the day. I also plan the next day by giving myself 3 things to do for the next day.

Tools of the trade


Remember the milk

Entrepreneurial Book of Choice

Rework by David BHH


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