Cory Bendixen is a Partner/Manager of Infusionsoft who has an outstanding understanding of what Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to help their business succeed.

I’ve been with Infusionsoft for 6 years now, and people can have the best software in the world but if they aren’t using it properly it’s worthless. That’s where Infusionsoft is different, it’s focus is on education for the users so that they can get the best results.


“You have to be red hot about what you do in order to get the other person luke warm about what you do. You have to find the passion and fire in you for what you do.” Ryan Bender.

Infusionsoft client journey

One client who had an online business purchased Infusionsoft but was still trying to use multiple software to do different things at the same time. She called us because she was finding all too confusing. We took her list of 3300 people and said let’s devise a campaign to those who are already customers. She said out of those 3300 people she didn’t know who were prospects, who were customers etc. And that’s the problem with free or cheap software, segmentation is often not possible. Gone are the days of mass general message campaigns that get general results. Nowadays you need to be more specific, more targeted if you want specific results. She now has effective, targeted campaigns in Infusionsoft so she’s able to up sell, cross sell and nuture her database.

A-ha moment

When you start in business you want to do everything with minimal expense. But for everyone comes a time where you realise you are missing out on sales opportunities where your free software is lacking in ability or, you get to a stage when you are ready to scale your business. The answer to both of these is systems. A system won’t call in sick and can be working for you 24/7.


The two founders of Infusionsoft were brothers who built custom solutions for businesses. Their Dad needed software that could integrate multiple processes in his business. Another client of theirs was struggling with multiple software chaos with these two issues they had they had a lightbulb moment. They created a all-in-one system for small businesses. 12 years later that’s where we are now.

Above and beyond the box

Within the Infusionsoft ‘box’ you get database software, marketing software and software to collect payments. If you need any industry specific software for your business then these can be integrated so that they automatically update each other.

Future Vision

We are a fast growing company, small businesses need cutting edge technology and that’s what we are committed to deliver.

Business Advice

Stand in front of a whiteboard or take a blank piece of paper and map out in a perfect world what you would like to happen. Whatever it is, with the help of someone like Ashley can make that happen in Infusionsoft for you.


You need to care. People lose that from time to time. You need to get in the habit of caring about whatever it is you are doing, or whoever you are talking to. You need to be genuine, and genuinely care.

Tools of the trade

I’d recommend Facebook Infusionsoft groups for tips, tricks and advice.

Entrepreneurial Book of Choice

The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason.

Infusionsoft Journey Tips

If you go for free or cheap software when you start out they often handicap your business. There is power behind stretching yourself, even if you have to grow into it.

Whatever your business you need to set up 3 campaigns:

New lead campaign, Customer welcome campaign, Long term nuture campaign. These are vital to any business and you must must must have these in place.



Items Mentioned In This Podcast

Facebook Infusionsoft User Groups

New lead campaign

Customer welcome campaign

Long term nurture campaign

The Richest Man in Babylon, George Clason


In this particular episode, you will learn

  • The story behind the beginning of Infusionsoft
  • Who it is for, and what you should do with it