Oli Bilson has numerous businesses all within the automotive industry. They include the selling of training courses, franchises and other business opportunities. He runs all of these with the power of Infusionsoft. Alongside all of this, he also helps other businesses with their sales and marketing.


“Motion beats meditation”, Gary Halbert.

“What you don’t know, keeps you poor”. Unknown

A-ha moment

For me, seeing the first results was my a-ha moment. After using paid for online advertising and not really knowing what was working and what wasn’t left me not sure what to do next. But seeing all these leads come in through a website form through Infusionsoft and the dedicated landing page makes you realise how powerful it can be.

Future vision

We strongly believe that there’s nothing more powerful to grow your business than Infusionsoft. We are looking at implementing Infusionsoft within our coaching and ‘done for you’ marketing products within one of businesses.

Infusionsoft Journey

Although Infusionsoft was a significant investment for me at the beginning, it pales into significance when you see the return and benefit of it. In the early stages of my journey Infusionsoft’s help team were fantastic, as they are now. But my advice to anybody is don’t try and do everything yourself. Understand your worth in your business, but also the things that you aren’t as good at and get some advice or find someone who is good at those things.

Being an Entrepreneur

It can be a lonely place being a Entrepreneur. You need to be around good people and like-minded people. Don’t let anyone else get you down.

Business Advice

A multimedia, multi-step approach is the way to market your business. Direct mail is not dead. It’s not good enough to just do one thing, you need to do as many things as possible to get noticed.


Dedicate time each day to Infusionsoft. It could be you decide to do one thing each day to attract new customers. But block out a chunk of time each day to develop your Infusionsoft. Even if it’s just to go into it to inspire you to think of new campaigns and things to do.

Tools of the trade

Workflowy – simple tool for lists, mindmapping or idea generation

Trello – project management tool

Entrepreneurial Book of Choice

Rework by David BHH

Infusionsoft Advice

Whether you decide to invest time, energy and resources into educating yourself about Infusionsoft, or whether you have the ideas and visions of what you want for your business and you get a professional to implement those for you, you must run with it, don’t look back and get on with it.

3 campaigns I would suggest you start with:

  • Customer re-activation campaign
  • Lead generation campaign
  • New customer campaign


Infusionsoft resources



Reword by David BHH

Jumpworks advice

Items Mentioned In This Podcast



Rework by David BHH

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • How you can implement Infusionsoft across multiple businesses
  • How you can use Infusionsoft for online and offline campaigns