It’s been said a ‘universal force’ threw Tony and Nicki together and they now have a flawless reputation as The Relationship Couple. The media love them for their unique, sometimes contentious, ‘cut to the chase’ chatty style. They have been called on for ‘expert comment’ many times when celebrities have got into relationship trouble appearing on TV & Radio (BBC, Sky & TV AM) and writing numerous articles for mainstream newspapers and magazines.

Over the last 10 years Tony & Nicki have not only coached men & women in their private lives they have mentored them in their businesses too. This has involved them working in many different fields as varied as assisting new Coaches to find the right niche and establish expert status online and off to a premiership football director with a multi-million pound retail chain.


When we first began there was no such thing as Facebook and social media. We had to use a limited budget to film our videos with budget lighting and poor editing skills we had to film these in one take. Even though they were budget they still put us on the map. Uploading them to the internet was another massive challenge, we were living in Austria at the time with terrible internet connection and it was a task and a half to try and upload them each week. Now with all the developments in technology, internet and software we still use video today as we learnt for us, for our business, building the intimate relationships with our customers is key and we can do this so much more seamlessly, quickly and successfully capturing data so we can connect with the right people through our use of Infusionsoft.

A-ha moment

In the beginning we found it all a bit alien to us. We’d go to send an email, a job which you’d expect to take 10 minutes and 4 hours later there Tony would be pulling his hair out simply because he didn’t understand how it worked, or what buttons to press. But like so many people, once you’ve tackled those initial hurdles it’s so straightforward and intuitive to use. Our advice would be to accept what it does and how it works even if it is different to how you are used to doing it. The Infusionsoft training has been so useful. It’s there and ready and if you don’t use it then you’ll easily fall at the first hurdle. Our big breakthrough moment was really a switch in attitude, from ‘it should do this, it should do that, it should be simple’ to ‘this is actually amazing and the possibilities are endless’. The secret is to ask for help early on. Don’t struggle and see what happens. It’s much quicker to ask for help, learn and get on. Having someone like Ashley on hand has been incredible and made the journey a much less lonely one.

Proudest Moment

Tony: It was winning a prestigious business award for the success of seeing a gap in the market and developing a product to bridge that gap online. With the likes of Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic coming second, and Sainsbury’s coming in third it’s an impressive accolade to have.

Nicki: My achievement is that for the first time in our entrepreneurial journey together we don’t have a full time employee who enables us to develop, build and grow the business. We wouldn’t be in the position we are in now without having been through this Infusionsoft journey.

Future vision

This year we are feeling inspired by franchise. We have a online course for single women which we want to branch out using the franchise idea by creating local groups of single women using our programme to get together and discuss what they have learnt.

Ultimately we want to have an amazing back office set up to allow us to spend more time with our clients and look after them in the very best way we can.

Being Held Back

Tony has never worked for anyone but himself so he is an entrepreneur through and through. Nicki worked for large companies for many years and her fear was a typical one of could she earn a wage to support her lifestyle.


‘Stay in the queue’. Play a longer game in your business. We’ve taken less income this year so we can spend more money on the business and develop that. Take the time on doing the things you need to and don’t get distracted by other things that are perhaps quicker.

We believe 3 things that make the difference between success and failure are:

  1. What you put past your lips
  2. What you think – what you think will give you what you want
  3. The environment you surround yourself in

Entrepreneurial Book of Choice

Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins (Great in audiobook too!)

We also live by some great movies in life which are key to our relationship coaching which are Patch Adams and The Notebook.

Infusionsoft Advice

Decide what you want from Infusionsoft and set it up really well. Really familiarise yourself with it and how it works. It’ll save you time, money and frustration. Think about your customer, how you can help them get what they want. Building a list of loyal followers for your database is vital.


Infusionsoft resources

Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins

Let him find you – Single women coaching course

Jumpworks advice

Items Mentioned In This Podcast

Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins

Let them find you – Single women coaching course

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • How you can use Infusionsoft to build and maintain intimate and loyal relationship with your customers
  • How you can use Infusionsoft to develop and build your business without the need for employees