Ian Prowse – Podcast Shownotes


Ian is the owner of the Vibrant Network which has been running since 2012. After creating his first group in Redditch he quickly decided to franchise and within 8 months of franchising grew to a massive 20 groups. Ian found that sometimes it was quite hard to get to know the person behind the business and get in to any depth of conversation at networking groups and so he came up with the idea of the Vibrant Network which he describes as either a love it or hate it concept. Each meeting a member is picked at random to tell the group their life story in 15-25 mins. And the importance of that is so that the members learn quickly why they all do what they do which cuts to the chase, finds out about the actual people and everyone connects on an emotional level. Some people are put off by this, but others are attracted to it – it’s great for personal development, business development and also getting new business.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Mahatma Gandhi is my favourite quote. At Vibrant we teach a lot of things when it comes to personal development but the key thing is if you want to see change – you need to start with yourself. If you want to do well in business and move your business forward and reach your goals it’s really important to get yourself right first.

Infusionsoft Journey

When I first started with Infusionsoft and started Vibrant as well I was targeting anyone and everyone who I thought might be interested. This was not working at all. I was also continually sending ‘Come to Vibrant, Come to Vibrant, it’s amazing!’ emails. We also had quite a high unsubscribe rate too. But now we have opt-ins so that we are only contacting those people who have raised their hand up and said we want information, we are interested in what you do! I also now send relevant and interesting information and tips, not just sales emails. Our unsubscribe rate has decreased, we are getting much more return from this too and people are really interested in what we have to say.

Proudest moment

I started out in business 9 years ago with a business I have just sold. I was one of the first franchisees of a company called The Best Of. And the goal with that was to allow my wife to not work whilst we had our children which I’m so proud to say we’ve achieved. We’ve got 3 children now and her time out of work is coming to an end as our youngest is getting older and my wife feels ready to go back but it was one thing we really wanted to be able to do and having The Best Of enabled us to do that.

New stuff

So yes we’ve started our very own podcast with Vibrant Networking! I’m loving it. I’m doing it because I’ve not seen any other personal development or networking business do it already and what’s surprised me the most is it’s really not that hard to do! I’ve also included it as part of our Infusionsoft campaigns so people are told when we have a new podcast available.

Future vision

I don’t hold back on my future vision because I don’t see why anyone needs to. And I have what I call realistic goals set but ultimately my biggest goal at the moment is to make Vibrant global. My step by step goals before that are to get 100 groups in the UK and have around 1000 members which is my 2-3 year plan. I think I’m a bit different to most entrepreneurs though in many ways because I’m not just chasing the cash I want balance in life and to create something that is special and that helps people.

Held you back

The only thing I think that held me back was me, my self-confidence and my inner belief. Networking has helped me massively with that. And I went on a 5 day course called Broadband Consciousness by Richard Wilkins which helps people find themselves and it really gets under your skin and it had a huge impact on me and it makes you realise what’s important in life. Through my experiences I’ve learnt to just do things now and nerves are a good thing. Richard Wilkins taught me 7 words that stick into my head ‘Ian, you can’t get being yourself wrong.’ Which I use every day.

Best Business Advice

My good friend Nigel Botterill told me, No-one is going to give you things, you have to claim the space. That for me, is where my podcasting comes in. I’ve claimed that space for personal development and networking. Sometimes you have to go for it and say that’s my space and I’m going to go in and take it.


My most valuable habit is working on my marketing for my business every day. Infusionsoft has helped because it gives me a system but I put focus every single day into marketing my business.

Tools of the trade

I’ve found Eventbrite for my business great. I’ve also started using an app and website called Meet Up. I’m always on the lookout for things I can use which are relevant to my business. Loggable.co.uk is another I use to track my time for my marketing clients. It’s great for anyone who is swapping time for money.

Infusionsoft Advice

To anyone new to Infusionsoft I would say build some opt-in pages to make sure you get some relevant data in your system. And send relevant content out there. A lot of people are scared of sending too much, but I send as much as I can as long as it’s relevant. People on my opt-in list probably get about 5 emails a week from me. It’s not about quantity though it’s about quality.



Meet Up


Richard Wilkins – Broadband Consciousness 5 day courses

Vibrant Networking

You will learn

  • The importance of segmenting lists
  • Why it’s important to be the change you want to be in the world
  • The power of being relevant with your campaign content
  • The usefulness of having a Know, Like, Trust campaign